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„Best-in-class“ – this common goal unites people of various skills and talents in developing strengths and successfully introducing ideas!

A career at the Deharde GmbH combines being globally active with teamwork, fosters and challenges you, offers you ample opportunity for individual personal development and guarantees many additional benefits. What should you bring with you? Just have a look. We look forward to hearing from you!

You will have a professionally interesting and varied work environment in a future-oriented business with short decision-making channels, high innovation and strong customer orientation.

Deharde Benefits

Welcome to Deharde GmbH!

At Deharde, we believe that our employees are the cornerstone of our company. Their well-being and professional development are our top priorities. That is why we continuously invest in programs and initiatives that bring out the best in our teams.

Explore the Deharde benefits we offer! From flexible working hours that allow you to balance work and personal life, to training opportunities that advance your career development, to exciting company events that strengthen team spirit – we want to ensure that you feel good and supported with us.

Immerse yourself in a world where your success and personal growth take precedence. We invite you to join our team and achieve great things together.

Our vacancies and apprenticeships

Apply your practical experience and expertise successfully with us! At Deharde, we accompany you, actively promote your development, and provide opportunities for dedicated professionals in our future-oriented company.

We look forward to receiving your application!


Do you have a talent for hands-on work with metal, or are you passionate about aerospace technology? Join us and put your skills to the test! Deharde offers a solid and comprehensive training program – both practical and with in-house classes throughout the entire training period! 

Start of Training: August 1, 2024

Training Programs:

  • Machining Technician specializing in Milling Technology (m/f/d)

  • Industrial Mechanic specializing in Machinery and Equipment Construction (m/f/d)

  • Dual Study Program in Mechanical Engineering (B. Eng.)

  • Dual Study Program in Project Engineering (B. Eng.)

  • Integrated Degree Program in Mechanical Engineering (B. Eng.) with training as a Machining Technician (m/f/d) or Industrial Mechanic (m/f/d)

  • Integrated Degree Program in Project Engineering (B. Eng.) with training as a Machining Technician (m/f/d) or Industrial Mechanic (m/f/d)

Please send your application as a PDF file via email to


• As a student, are you eager to explore a professional field early on? Simply inquire about undertaking an internship in a specific area of interest. We provide you with the opportunity to get to know our company!

• For annual internships (960 hours), we also offer a practical component as part of the vocational baccalaureate after completing 12th grade. During this period, you will gain insights into production control, work preparation, as well as procurement and logistics.

• For university students, we offer internships during academic breaks or as interns. Join Deharde in actively contributing to innovative projects and gain valuable experiences for your future career.

We look forward to your application to

Information for temporary employees

Our company has the following prerequisites for possible cooperation with temporary employment agencies (industrial staff).

Please communicate only complete curricula vitae including the contact (first name, last name and address) because we check with the other applicants applying for the job at Deharde. Please transmit detailed information about the work content of the last three jobs of the applicant.

You may apply by email:


Efficiently integrate theory and practical application in your thesis at Deharde. Our commitment to providing professional guidance and fostering genuine collaboration in real-world scenarios not only adds significant motivational value but also equips you with valuable experiences for your future career. Let's collaboratively identify a subject that aligns with your interests – feel free to reach out and inquire!

General information about job application

Closing date for applications: We like to get your job application as early as possible. If you want to write your thesis at Deharde or to make an internship, please apply 2 – 3 months before the desired beginning.

Contents: Please send us your complete documents including

  • cover letter presenting your work experience showing why you fit the offered job

  • complete curriculum vitae in table form

  • copies of all relevant certificates concerning education and previous work experiences

Please apply via e-mail to and attach all contents described above in one .pdf file.

Selection process: We confirm your application within 14 days. During this period the involved departments evaluates the application and decides on a job interview. After a successful job interview we often have a probation day that helps both sides to verify each other’s impressions given by then. Upon positive re-examination, you will soon receive our acceptance letter.

The process takes on average 4 weeks, depending on the applier’s and company’s circumstances of time. If the selection process turns out negative, a rejection letter will be sent within a short period of time via e-mail.

Please note: The interview helps to get to know each other and to answer both side’s questions. We recommend to learn about our company intensively and gather information about the job specification beforehand.

Data Protection: In case of a negative reply, documents will be deleted in-house according to the General Data Protection Regulation and within the given legal period of time.

We are looking forward to your application.