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From single parts to assemblies

We offer complete service for the civil and military aerospace industry worldwide: with more than 150 qualified processes, we can serve the entire production chain, including assembly, development of subassemblies and test equipment.

As a Tier 1, we supply Airbus and other well-known aerospace manufacturers in series production with ready-to-install assemblies.

Taking off together

Your process requirements are our benchmark: we establish not-yet-utilised processes in a quick and flexible manner in order to meet your component manufacturing and assembly requirements. You benefit from the incorporation of the latest technical findings and innovative ideas. We continuously improve ourselves in order to be the competent partner for major aviation manufacturers (OEMs).

Should a customer at any time need quick support, we step in with efficient recovery measures.



We deliver prefabricated components for further processing by the customer:

  • Material procurement

  • Manufacturing blanks

  • Preparing boreholes

  • Pre-milling

  • Collection, temporary storage, punctual delivery

  • Maximum processing size 7,200 x 2,800 mm

Manufacture and assembly of single parts and aerostructures (External Workbench and Build-to-Print)

Complete production of ready-to-install individual parts as well as ready-to-install aerostructures according to the quality assurance requirement QSF-A and QSF-B of the Federal Association of the German Aviation Industry.

  • NC programming

  • Material procurement

  • Materials: aluminum, titanium, steel, plastics

  • Component lengths up to 5000 mm

  • Complete production according to technical drawings

  • Manufacturing

  • Structural assembly

  • Surface protection

  • Quality assurance

  • Installation of systems

  • Testing

  • On-time delivery directly to the customer's assembly line

Development and assembly of aerostructures (Design & Build)

Our customers entrust us with the development and subsequent assembly of complete aerostructures:

  • Interface definition

  • Stress analysis

  • Design and certification

  • Manufacturing engineering

  • Assembly and delivery of the complete aerostructure

Prototypes and flight test equipment

During the test phase of new aircraft, we support our customers with the design and manufacture of test equipment:

  • Any kind of test installation to customer requirements

  • Custom solutions for the positioning of measuring instruments

  • Ballast-tank systems

  • Manufacture of prototypes to determine technological properties

  • Complete end-to-end service: from design to installation

Sheet metal forming by Deharde Polygon Forming®

With our innovative, patented Deharde Polygon Forming® we offer you a perfect way to bend sheet metals into cylindrical, twisted and conical skins, doublers or straps. Deharde Polygon Forming® stands out against conventional manufacturing Methods::

  • Up to 50% cost saving vs. roll forming

  • Less manufacturing time

  • Rejectfree quality and a perfect fit for following process steps

  • Repeatability

  • Applicable either at Deharde or set-up of own facility on customer’s premises



Deharde Aerospace has extensive internal and external resources in the sector of design for aerostructures:

  • We provide in-house training for “Design Authority AP1020”

  • Preparation for EASA 21J and 21G qualification

  • Successful cooperation with our design partner P3 Group

  • During the development phase, we work with our customers on site (“physical plateau”)


Deharde Aerospace has extensive internal and external resources:

  • Material procurement

  • Mechanical processing

  • Heat treatment

  • Surface protection

  • Quality assurance

Further information about our production capabilities is available in our "Machining” section"


For the complete assembly of ready-to-install modules, we have available:

  • Secured assembly areas

  • Qualified staff for all required assembly processes

  • Surface protection


In order to deliver modules and components to our customers on time, our logistics is controlled directly through our ERP system:

  • Consumption-based stocking of connecting elements and standard parts

  • Make-to-stock production of series components

  • Storage of long lead-time parts on demand

  • Picking stock on demand

  • Organisation of collection and on-time delivery directly to the customer’s assembly line


Our in-house plant engineering designs and builds production equipment in close coordination with our aerospace sector, thus producing high synergic effects:

  • Conceptualisation

  • Production planning

  • Storage of long lead-time parts on demand

  • Development, manufacture and commissioning of production equipment

  • Periodic inspections to ensure quality

Further information about our services is available in our "Plant section".


Eilert Wilken

Head of Sales and Marketing