Presentation of SMA (Shape Memory Alloy) remote controls at The International Conference on Shape Memory and Superelastic Technologies (SMST)

Collaborated project of Deharde, Boeing and ETW

Boeing presented the actual status of the development SMA actuated control surfaces on wind tunnel models at the SMST conference in Konstanz on May, 13th to 17th, 2019. To increase the efficiency of the wind tunnel testing under cryogenic conditions, Deharde, Boeing, and ETW are continuously working on SMA based actuation of control surfaces on wind tunnel models. After several pre-tests the demonstration of the technology with a 787 half model with various remote controlled surfaces will be performed this year. The ultimate goal is to make SMA remote control actuation standard for cryogenic wind tunnel testing. Team Deharde, Boeing and ETW is on the right track for this!

Canadian Delegation visits Deharde

International Contact

A Canadian delegation on tour at the metropolitan area Hamburg in Germany between April 1st – 4th, 2019, has visited Deharde. Under the auspices of the Federal Ministry for Economics Affairs and Energy procurement manager and officials of business associations from Canada got in closer touch with North German aerospace companies. The group included persons from Interiors, Structures, MRO and Advanced Manufacturing. Thanks to an initiative of Hamburg Aviation, a sightseeing tour also to Deharde was organized.

Our guests learned about our main activities and products and got the chance to see everything live during a walk through the workfloors. At an informal get-together lateron information was exchanged and business relations could be established. Common grounds were found, differences discussed and upcoming efforts defined.

We are happy about the interest from our Canadian group and hope that our guests had an informative and agreeable stay at Deharde!

Beluga XL: Hurray, it flies!

The new “whale of the skies” - the Beluga XL – took off for the first time

With a length of 63 m and a height of 6 m the new Beluga XL is 6 m longer and 1 m wider than the old Beluga, that it will replace on the long term. It can load more than 50 t and thus transports 30% more cargo than its forerunner – which means in practice that it can transport two A350-wings instead of one.

Important structures and parts for the new Super-Transporter are delivered by Deharde: the 8x8 m big Super Shells for the body, the rails for the cargo loading system, and important elementary parts for connection of plane sections. Due to this, members of the Deharde team were invited together with other providers to watch the maiden flight of the Beluga XL live in Toulouse. 

On site our colleagues enjoyed a fine framework program organized by Airbus and looked as saw: yes, the Beluga XL flies and moreover performs classy in the skies!

4. Paper Boat Race

Again Deharde plays in the upper league

Wonderful weather accompanied an exciting 4th. Paper Boat Race in the Harbour of Varel at June 1st, 2018. Among 52 teams, three Deharde teams paddled hard in self-prepared, fancy boats; the “U-Boot” even got placed 3rd in the category “Most Creative Teams”. 

Deharde took place already for the 4th time and spectacularly finished 5th in “Finale Sport” with its boat “Wechselrichtung”. Despite Deharde’s privileged location directly at the waters of the Harbour of Varel, the success was no certainty, and we congratulate all trainees to their splendid boats, their great effort and their tough, triumphant battle on water. Many thanks also to instructors and all others, who intensely supported cheered to our teams in the run-up and at the regatta itself, especially to Arthur Klebs and Heiko Claussen! 

Altogether a fine event, that hopefully will be repeated again the next years!

ILA 2018 – Berlin Air Show

Deharde happy about numerous visitors

From April 25th to 29th, 2018, the Berlin Air Show ILA took place. Deharde - as participant of the ”Gemeinschaftschalets Niedersachsen, Bayern und Norddeutschland” - received its guests in first row and with direct view onto the airfield. In this ambience, business relations were established and consolidated proverbially with good prospects. We thank our long standing and new business partners for fertile talks and are looking forward to good cooperation!

Every two years, the Berlin Air Show gives manufacturers and suppliers, renowned universities and visionary experts as well as public authorities and economic development institutes a platform to discuss, present and network. Political delegations also get informed about innovations and trends. This year’s partner country France belongs to the global players of the aircraft industry and is an important business partner of Deharde, too.



Deharde & ETW Gain the Boeing Performance & Innovation Award

Division Wind Tunnel Models

In the context of the German aeronautical research programme LuFo the German companies Deharde GmbH and ETW have been supported by the US-based aircraft company Boeing. Thanks to extraordinary performance within the ISL-SMA project (Innovative Structures for Aircraft & Aircraft Models by Shape Memory Alloys), Boeing Research & Technology awarded the Boeing Performance & Innovation Award to Deharde and ETW in January 2018.

The team was selected for their work in completing a high-speed cryogenic test of a controllable 787 model-scale inboard spoiler built into a two-dimensional airfoil at the European Transonic Wind Tunnel.

The test was a milestone within the scope of the German aeronautical research programme LuFo in the ISL-SMA project. ISL-SMA will make Shape Memory Alloys applicable as compact, robust and powerful actuators to drive movables on wind tunnel models. This leads to valuable cost and time savings in performing wind tunnel tests at actual flight conditions, as they are vital to design future eco-efficient and quiet aircraft.

Appreciating Boeing’s recognition of the team’s progress, the ISL-SMA partners are even more motivated to get this technology running as a standard for ETW cryogenic testing now. Based on the gained experience Deharde will explore also other aerospace applications requiring compact, robust and powerful actuators in hostile environments.