Take-over of the company HDD Technologies Bremen

Deharde strengthens its portfolio

Deharde enlarged its value chain for further economic growth in the beginning of December, 2017. Thanks to the buy of the Bremen-located company of HDD Techno-logies with its 40 employees, Deharde can now provide its customers one-stop with supplemental services in electro-plating, paint shop, production of sheet metal chassis, and prospec-tively NDT (non destructive testing). Deharde underlines that the company acquisition of HDD Technologies was done in addition to the existing location in Varel and in order to enlarge company skills. “We are very happy that we found HDD Technologies which will help us to successfully fulfil our strategy and target for growth. Together we will use our strengthened position to meet market demands. In this way we are able to even upgrade our usual high-quality and in-time performance.” states Managing Partner of Deharde, Marc Brestrich. 


Deharde’s business activities as reliable mechanical engineer and globally acting aerospace expert include everything from engineering to implementation of complete components. This is guaranteed by highly qualified employees as well as modern machinery. Thanks to great investments in infrastructure and know-how Deharde succeeded in becoming a Design & Build provider for aerospace components within short spell. The company employs a staff of nearly 400 and had a turnover of 40 mio € (2016)
At the moment, Deharde holds the following portfolio:

  • Aerospace
  • High Precision Parts
  • Plant Engineering
  • Wind Tunnel Models
  • Casting Tools

Prime Minister of Lower Saxony visits Deharde

Respect for outstanding corporate success

Prime Minister of Lower Saxony Stephan Weil, Minister of economic affairs in Lower Saxony Olaf Lies and Siemtje Möller, Member of Parliament, visited Deharde for being a fine example for a successful medium-sized company. Chief Executive Officer Marc Brestrich, company member Holger Hoffmann and Bernd Beschorner, Head of Aerospace, presented performance and business targets as well as product portfolio and places of production. The visitors were deeply impressed by Deharde’s dynamics - especially how it pushes its commitment to aircraft industry. Of special interest to politics of course was that Deharde is home of high-technology and the remarkable job creation – about 200 new hires since 2011. Prime Minister Weil congratulated to the exceptional corporate development of the last years and complimented Deharde’s verve to secure future growth.

Delivery of Super Shells

BelugaXL Super Shells arriving in Toulouse.

Deharde has started regular delivery of 8x8 m big Super Shells for the Airfreighter BelugaXL. Thanks
to Deharde’s access to Varel Habour in North Germany, loading on board of two oversized
special container with the fuselage components is done directly at site. Varel –
Nordenham – Hamburg – Bordeaux – Toulouse: the huge containers take several steps
before they reach Toulouse. Here the components are finally assembled to the
BelugaXL, which is supposed to be used inhouse for Airbus. Striking it lucky, the
typical silhouette of the amazing cargo plane can be watched on its route
between Hamburg and Toulouse again – this time as a gorgeous cargo plane high
up in the skies

Big festivity at Deharde

300 guests celebrating

There is good reason for celebrating at Deharde. Noumerous investments in infrastructure and machinery and last but not least the creation of many new work places are visible elements of the success of the last years. In order to say thank you for commitment and support, Deharde invited staff as well as business partners and local politicians and players to a big celebration in their new “Beluga-“Hall. Extern guests – some even arrived from France -  had the chance to get informed about Dehardes business activities at info-points and guiding tours. First contacts could be hold over coffee, cake, delicious icecream and soup.

At early evening, Marc Brestrich and Eilert Wilken (both Deharde) explained about Deharde and its development at the harbor Varelerhafen. Hannes Mechler (P3 Group) and Bertrand George (Airbus) presented details about the Beluga Project. Afterwards, a delicious live cooking menu and lively music invited to cheerful get-together and pleasant networking.

Like one guest summarized later the evening: Actually, the Beluga-Hall should always be kept free for events like this!

We thank all guests for joining us and hope you enjoyed a nice stay at Deharde.

Deharde’s trainee team places first at the Papier- and Kartonbootregatta on June 9th, 2017

Happy winner take lead of 42 combatants

Precise preparation and athletic power – this combination brought the Deharde-team to victory. Tjark Wolken and Eike Ahlers, Mirko Tholen and Henrick Strodthoff as well as Kea Meyer and Tim Huxol, started with three boats, each designed in an individual and perfect manner by Deharde’s trainees. In a festival atmosphere, the competition took place from 10 am to 5 pm. In the exciting finals the “Lemon-Squeze” hit the finish line first and so got placed an awesome place No 1.

We thank the organizers for the great event and congratulate our Azubis to their glorious success!

Paris Air Show 2017

International aerospace trade fair - Deharde takes part again

The international Paris Air Show takes place in Le Bourget near Paris from Monday, June 19th to Sunday, June 25th, 2017. Just as to two years ago, Deharde - being part of the German BDLI (Bundesverband der Deutschen Luft- und Raumfahrtindustrie e.V.) exposition area - shows its achievements and novelities on its own booth. 

Come visit us at booth No. 2C – C368 and take a look at a model of the 8 m x 8 m big Super Shell manufactured for the fuselage of the BelugaXL. The first Super Shell will be shipped from our plant in Varel, Germany, to Airbus in Toulouse in June 2017.  

We would enjoy showing you which potentials we can offer to you. We are looking forward to welcome you!