Uwe Fresenborg strengthens the management of Deharde.

Deharde succeeded to win an experienced Top manager with industry experience for the reinforcement of the management.

Mr. Uwe Fresenborg will become active starting from 01.11.2019 as third managing director with Deharde and will take over the presidency of the management.

After studying aerospace, Mr. Fresenborg worked for Airbus for 18 years in various program and engineering functions. In 2009 he took over the plant management of Premium Aerotec in Varel for three years.

In 2011, Mr. Fresenborg was appointed to the Management Board of Deutsche Bahn Fahrzeuginstandhaltung GmbH and took over as Chairman of the Management Board until his retirement in summer 2019.

We are looking forward to the future cooperation and are happy to welcome such an experienced manager with corresponding industry knowledge on board at Deharde.

Successful application for Deharde Polygon Forming® trademark

Technical, quality and cost advantage in sheet metal forming: useful innovation for the construction of aeroplanes

Deharde Polygon Forming® has now officially been registered as a trademark. Deharde Polygon Forming® is an innovative method used in the aviation and space industry to manufacture skins and other metal forming components. It stands out to cost-efficiency and very high quality. Metal sheets can be curved in cylindrical, conical and twisted form. Drills, pockets, cut-outs etc. can be done in flat condition with 3-axis-machines. Compared to conventional roll forming, where expensive 5-axis machines with complex clamping devices and long lead times are required, remarkable cost benefits can be realized. After bending with Deharde Polygon Forming® the dimensional accuracy is warranted. Forming process is performed in one throughput, with high repeat accuracy and 100% NC controlled. The high-quality polygon-formed products are already on duty in aviation and space.

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Deharde drives forward focus on aircraft structures

Bremen location is sold and continued as an independent company under the names ED Oberflächenveredelung and ED Metallbearbeitung

The medium-sized company Deharde GmbH sells its subsidiaries Deharde GmbH Bremen Operations and HDD GmbH, which specialize in housing construction and surface protection. The buyer of both companies is the Dutch South Wind Treasury B.V. from Ter Apel, which has appointed Mr. Michael Köhler as the new managing director for both companies. In future, Deharde GmbH Bremen Operations will trade under the name ED Oberflächenveredelung GmbH and HDD GmbH under the name ED Metallverarbeitung GmbH.

Bremen/Varel, 02 September, 2019 Deharde GmbH has grown strongly in recent years in its strategic business fields of aircraft structures, plant engineering and wind tunnel model construction. Deharde will focus on these strategic business areas in order to be able to meet the increased customer requirements in the future. The production site in Bremen, which focuses on housing construction and surface finishing, was therefore sold to South Wind Treasury B.V. The company will continue to focus on these strategic business areas in the future. All current employees of both companies will be taken over.

About Deharde GmbH: Deharde GmbH is a medium-sized company with about 300 employees. Deharde develops, manufactures and installs wind tunnel models, production equipment and aircraft assemblies for all well-known OEMs.

You can find out more about the company at

About South Wind Treasury B.V: South Wind Treasury B.V., based in the Netherlands, is an investor that is continuing its expansion course and will now also be present in Bremen. With this acquisition, the company strengthens its strategic position in this region and expands its offering for international and local customers. With this step, the new managing directors of ED Metallbearbeitung GmbH and ED Oberflächenveredelung GmbH would like to establish the companies on the market.

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Social Media at Deharde

Today we started our activity at LinkedIn and XING! Herewith we would like to inform you about news of our company and at the same time give you the opportunity to direct interaction.

Thank you very much for your interest today. We would be glad to win you as a regular visitor at our pages. Just follow us and always learn first, what’s new at Deharde!

Paper boat race 2019

4 teams of Deharde joined

On Friday, 21st of June, the 5th paper boat race took part at the Varelerhafen. Among more than 50 participating teams, 4 were paddling for Deharde. They started with their boats “BelugaXL”, “J&J”, “Annelise Turbodiesel” and “Hubi”. Thanks to successful first races, they all got classified to the “Sports semifinals”.

Our trainees of the 1st and 2nd year began already in the middle of Mai with construction work for the boats. Supported by Heiko Claussen this was accomplished in perfect team work and with lots of verve and fun. Functionality met fantasy, so on Friday all teams could launch their boats well prepared and highly motivated.

For the 5th time already the Deharde-Trainees joined the paper boat race in the inner harbor of Varel. Nice weather, good moods, refreshments in any form (yes, some boats did sink!) … our folks really got in on the event and were rewarded with a fine 4th placement for the BelugaXL. We are happy about this great success and congratulate all our trainees to these entertaining games!

Deharde at the Paris Air Show from June 17th to 23rd, 2019

Already 3rd exhibition under the roof of the BDLI

This year’s visitors of the Paris Air Show could learn exciting news about Deharde’s latest technology: how to bend metal sheets, i.e. for the production of shells. At first, the milling of millimeter thin metal sheets is proceeded as normal. Then the metal sheets can be curved by the innovative, patented Deharde Polygon Forming®. Bent into different radii and material thicknesses, they still keep all dimensions of the geometry (pilot holes, pockets etc.) The process is repeatable as often as liked. Quality and cost advantages brought by Deharde Polygon Forming® give remarkable benefits to our customers which grabbed intense attention.

Furthermore, the production process of Super Shells for the airfreighter BelugaXL was being documented at the booth. The wind tunnel model for the BelugaXL was also manufactured by Deharde and was to be seen, too.

We enjoyed having so many visitors and thank you for the great interest that was shown to Deharde!