Farewell to Uwe Fresenborg


Stunned and full of sadness, we say goodbye to Uwe Fresenborg, who died unexpectedly on Thursday night at the age of only 56 years after a short, serious illness. As chairman of the board, Uwe Fresenborg has formed the development of the Deharde GmbH since 2019. We got to know him as a charismatic team player who set important impulses for the company in just a short time. His personality combined expertise with foresight. As head and leader, he initiated important changes at Deharde; for his motto was "Let’s get a little better every day."

Born in Northern Germany, he was very fond of the region and its people; this was also expressed in his friendly relation with his colleagues. Structured and reflective in the matter, he led his employees in a human, thoughtful and fair way at all times.

With Uwe Fresenborg we have therefore not only lost a very experienced, successful managing director, but also an appreciated colleague and friend.

Our sincere condolences go to his family.

Marc Brestrich, Ingo Blazek, Christina Bourdaillier, Jan Hoffmann, Eilert Wilken
- Management of Deharde GmbH -

Deharde donation 2020

Experiment kits are donated to a nearby elementary school by Deharde

To inspire young people with enthusiasm for technical professions, this year we presented the neighbouring primary school with educational technology kits!
Merry Christmas!

Aviation Forum 2020

Digital Edition

On November 17/18, 2020 the national and international aerospace community met at the 10. Aviation Forum which this year took place exclusively digital. As always, the forum offered great opportunities to gather with business partners, establish new contacts, listen to tech talks and get to know new products. Of course we were present again, both as visitor and exhibitor. We thank you for kind new contacts and expanding existing business partnerships.

We appreciate your interest in our tech talk about „Deharde Polygon Forming®“, an innovative technology for sheet metal bending. Our sincere thanks to everyone who made this forum a great success!

Beyond the skies – successful launch of Vega C

Deharde parts flying high

Congratulations! Arianespace successfully orbited 53 satellites from spaceport, French Guiana. The mission of Vega flight VV16 is to serve applications including earth observation, telecommunications, sciences, technology/education, and others.

Deharde proudly provided jig and skins for the construction of the Interstage 1/2, a conical structure part that connects the first and second stage of the 30 m high Vega C launcher.

Clean Sky Project TRINIDAT

Delivery of Wind Tunnel Model

We delivered the wind tunnel model TRINIDAT to German-Dutch Wind Tunnels (DNW). The test will begin there by the end of August, 2020, after 2 weeks of test preparation. The model was designed, manufactured and instrumented by Deharde during the last 12 months. TRINIDAT is part of the Clean Sky Projects which deals with the aerodynamic optimization of the intake duct of the Next Generation Civil Tilt Rotor (NGTCR).

Deharde applies for the Productioin Organisation Approval (POA)

Strategic development

To the benefit of our customers, Deharde aims for further qualification and applies for the Production Organisation Approval (POA) at the Luftfahrt Bundesamt, Federal Aviation Authority. With the POA we will be able to enhance our competences within the global aerospace industry: In future, with POA we will be allowed to deliver directly to the final assembly line of aircraft manufacturers.