New LuFo Projects enhance Deharde Polygon Forming®

Technology development together with two renowned Institutes of the Hannover Centre of Production Technology of Leibniz University

Kick-off at Deharde: two projects for advanced technology topics have been started at our company – both are so promising that they are funded by the Lower Saxony LuFo aeronautical research program! The objective is to develop specialized processes to form complex machined plates and sheets for aerospace structures.

Already today, Deharde Polygon Forming® is being applied successfully to the production of fuselage shells of the Airbus BelugaXL transport aircraft as well as panels of the Vega C space launcher system, using a comparatively low degree of deformation. With the funded further development of the process significantly higher degrees are to be achieved. Stephan Eelman, Vice President Technology & Innovation at Deharde: "We are taking the proven bending process Deharde Polygon Forming® to the next level in order to manufacture an even wider range of structures efficiently and with a reproducible, high accuracy." New process simulations will accelerate the development of forming techniques and serve as the basis for digitized manufacturing procedures and additional efficiency potential.

The projects are executed in close partnership with the Institute of Production Engineering and Machine Tools (IFW) and the Institute of Forming Technology and Machines (IFUM) at Leibniz University Hannover. The projects were officially launched together with DLR's Project Management Agency for Aeronautics Research and the funding body, the state of Lower Saxony/NBank. Martin Herrmann, advisor in charge of aeronautics research at the NBank, illustrates at the kick-off meeting: "The projects are a sign of the high quality and technology leadership of aeronautics in Lower Saxony. But it is also a sign of the high innovative capacity of the company Deharde, which is forcefully pursuing its path to successfully act on future markets. At the same time, our support of this research is an investment in the people who are securing this important place in the aviation market by means of consistent development of new competencies". In the coming years, Deharde will work together with aviation OEMs in a targeted manner to transfer the specializations achieved into the serial production of these components and into upcoming aircraft models.

Dr Kai Brüggemann Chairman of the Executive Board as of 01.09.2021

Experienced top manager with industry experience recruited to strengthen the management team

Dr. Kai Brüggemann will take over the chairmanship of the management from 01.09.2021. We are glad that after a very good year in 2020, Dr. Brüggemann will accompany the upcoming and expected (market) growth with his extensive experience. Thanks to his excellent network in the industry he will set further impulses.

After completing his studies and doctorate in mechanical engineering in Hamburg and Hanover, Dr Brüggemann held various positions at Airbus. He temporarily took over the management of the supply chain at RUAG Aerospace in Switzerland before returning to Airbus as plant manager, first in Bremen and then in Hamburg. In autumn 2016, he moved to Deutsche Bahn as Chief Production Officer for long-distance transport and in 2020 he took over the management of ÖBB Technische Services in Vienna.

We are looking forward to our future cooperation and welcome Dr Brüggemann to Deharde!

Innovative technologies and eco-efficiency

Deharde part of the “Trinitair” project of the Hamburg company APC

Make aircraft fly more efficiently - even and especially those already in service: With this vision in mind, APC engineers have spent the last five years developing the innovative "Trinitair" winglet, intended to reduce induced drag during flight. It was designed specifically for the after-sales market. Trinitair replaces easily existing wingtips by simple retrofitting; herewith enabling aircraft already in service to reduce their fuel consumption.

Deharde has been involved in the project from an early stage: our Varel-based company was already involved in the wind tunnel tests. Deharde is currently producing individual parts for the first prototype - which APC would like to test on an Airbus A330 as early as the third quarter of 2021.

We are proud to support this forward-looking project of the Hamburg-based company and hope to see many of the characteristic 3-finger wingtips in the sky soon!

Member of Bundestag Siemtje Möller visits Deharde

Representatives take interest in present development

What projects is Deharde currently working on? How has Deharde developed since the last meeting? Siemtje Möller (Member of the Bundestag), Sven Ambrosy (District Administrator in the District of Friesland) and Gerd-Christian Wagner (Mayor of the city of Varel) visited Deharde today to find out about relevant topics on site. Managing Director Marc Brestrich presented the current situation; sales projects, research studies, the situation of the local infrastructure, investment strategies (machines, training) and more. We are very pleased about the interest and the "open ear" of the three representatives and are confident that the information and concerns will be considered in their political work.

Master's thesis at Deharde

Combining theory and practice of mechanical engineering

Bending sheet metal into even smaller curvature radii and therewith bring the innovative technology of Deharde Polygon Forming® to another dimension: This objective is pursued by our student trainee Sebastian Robke in his master’s thesis, starting in June 2021. “I’m very pleased to do research on a topic that can bring direct benefit to the manufacturing of components for the space and aerospace industry.” says Sebastian who studies Mechanical Engineering at the Jade Hochschule in Wilhelmshaven. At Deharde, he is already integrated as a regular member in our project team Technology and Innovation.

We offer internships, jobs for student trainees and master’s theses on a regular basis because we believe combining theory and practice is to the best advantage for both the learner and our company.

Lean Camp at Deharde

Volume 2021

The “Lean Camp 2021” at Deharde again provided important impulses for our continuous process optimizations. In order to improve a setting where projects can be worked on in an even more flexible, prompt and efficient way, this year the participants made a value stream mapping of current status on sample products. After identifying certain potentials, trained methods were used to design a target value stream. The newly adjusted steady flow in every step of making a product hence reduced lead and control times as well as costs.

The idea of value stream mapping will be carried forward by the "Lean Camp" participants to incorporate the concept of “Lean Culture” to the company in the long term. Deharde organizes professional lean camps on a regular basis in order to enhance customer orientation and economic efficiency.